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Mangochi Orphan Education and Training (MOET) is a community-based, co-educational day school for orphans and vulnerable children in the Mangochi district of Malawi by the lakeshore. It provides not only primary school education but also practical skills training in a caring environment which respects all belief systems. MOET is partially self-sustaining and this is significant in a country which is one of the poorest in the world. By producing and selling its own goods in the local community the school is reducing the amount of dependency on donations from outside.


  • Patterson Majonanga | Contact Person, SCOPE Malawi Board Chair
  • P.O Box 328, Mangochi, Malawi
  • +265999873270 | +264888873270
  • www.fomoe.org

Maziko Amoyo Wabwino Odzidalira (MAWO) which literally means a foundation for a better life of self reliance is a community organization operating in the area of Chief Chapananga in the district of Chikwawa. It was established in the year 1992. Its main goal is to assist the communities to become self reliant and promote community responsibilities; -teaching communities in sustainable farming methods -promote conservation of the environment -training in natural medicine and nutrition We also promote preservation of indigenous knowledge by facilitating transfer of knowledge from the elderly to the younger generation.


  • McJustice Betha | Contact Person
  • P.O. Box 34,Chapananga, Chikhwawa
  • +265888 005 476

Tikweze CBO is a community based organization in Masenjere, Nsanje made up of local volunteers dedicated to improving the lives of the people in their community.


  • Jamester Langwani | Contact Person
  • P.O. Box 49, Masenjere, Nsanje, Malawi
  • +265888 531 284

PaNthunzi is a Permaculture and sustainability Centre in Blantyre, Malawi which is run by Chris Walker, one of the very active Permaculture Activists in Malawi. He is active with Permaculture Awareness Courses in Villages and Anamed ( Action for Natural Medicines) Training. His Centre is a very good example of Permaculture, has an amazing nursery and library too.


  • Chris Walker | Contact Person
  • P.O Box 1944, Blantyre, Malawi
  • +265888 201 867
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Samaritan Trust was set up in 1993 into assist those at most need in Malawi. The Trust aims at promoting the protection and welfare of street children on the streets of Blantyre. These aims are achieved through the following objectives:

  1. To identify and provide moral and financial support to street children, and children in difficult circumstances.
  2. To implement literacy and skills programs essential to the successful re-integration of the street child.
  3. To integrate the street child back into the family unit and community structure.
  4. To assist with family empowerment and so prevent the need for the children to return to the streets.
  5. Defend the rights of Street Children.



  • Margaret Mukwenha | Contact Person
  • P.O Box 2835, Blantyre, Malawi
  • +265884 326 000
  • www.samaritantrust.org

CARD's foundation is to provide emergency relief assistance and rehabilitation support to victims of natural and man-made disasters. CARD emphasizes on disaster mitigation, prevention and livelihood recovery of victims in its development support initiatives. CARD understands the poor as people deprived of the basic necessities of life, those whose livelihood is at risk, those oppressed and powerless victims of human injustice. CARD considers that poverty is structural and if institutions and structures that have the mandate to manage and control resources do so with even-handedness on issues that affect livelihoods and rights of the people, then greater realisation of right to development will follow.


  • Chifundo Macheka | Contact Person
  • Thyolo, Malawi
  • +265997 432 318

DAPP Development from People to People in Malawi (DAPP Malawi) is a member of the Federation for Associations connected to the International HUMANA PEOPLE to PEOPLE Movement. In short: HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE. The objective of DAPP in Malawi is to promote social and economic development. Through a variety of development models, DAPP complements the Governments effort in implementing the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy to achieve the nation’s Vision 2020. The people engaged in the development initiatives of DAPP are trained and equipped with tools and knowledge enabling them to transform their dreams and wishes for a better life into practical actions. Presently, the DAPP projects are focused on four of the pressing development issues in Malawi:

  1. Improving food-security and economic growth
  2. Increasing access to quality education
  3. Improving children’s conditions
  4. Fighting HIV & AIDS