SustainFest is an acronym for Sustainable festival and each year will follow a different theme to explore a different area of sustainability. The 2022 SustainFest in Malawi will be under the theme “My seed, my food, my pride” so everything will revolve around the topic of seeds and food. 

We want diversity! From cooking five-star dishes using only what is locally available to seed fairs and traditional arts and crafts and dances that center around our seed and food celebrations,  we want to celebrate Malawi. We will spice the event up with colorful performances from local talents. It will be a get-together for like-minded people. We envision a festival that is open to everyone. Farmers will showcase their local diverse seeds, and students will talk about their permaculture clubs and the food they grow, chefs will use the platform to create healthy locally inspired cuisine, street chefs will make healthy street food, organisations will showcase their sustainable food production methods and even sell their wares. We want to inspire everyone that works towards a food-secure Malawi to present their work and learn from each other.