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What & How we do it

Value Local Ressources

Permaculture is about making use of what nature provides. This also means, that we think local and support the use of indigenous seeds and knowledge.

Partner & Share

We promote the sharing of experiences by partners who are committed to assisting schools and colleges to demonstrate sustainable land use with a view of enhancing healthy environments in and out of schools and communities.

Learn & Educate

We partner with schools and colleges to promote productive, multi-purpose, and healthy environments that are designed to meet the educational, nutritional, and other basic needs of the learners, teachers, and parents/farmers.

who we are

SCOPE Malawi is an Organisation that uses permaculture as a tool to assist schools to redesign their grounds in an ecologically sound manner with impressive results.

When pictures speak more than words

Our Donors

 As an NGO we are working with donors to   fund our project and staff costs. We love   what we are doing and the change it   brings to the communities.