Ongoing projects

As SCOPE Malawi we thrive to grow constantly. Our wish is to reach as many schools as possible and transform them into green spaces. We want to contribute to the dream of establishing a Permaculture Network in Malawi. At the moment we are actively working in three different projects. All of them are unique in their very own way.

Find out more about our Strengthening Resilient School Communities Project. You should also have a look at our Eco-Schools and Eco-Communities project as well as our SKI project. When having a closer look, you will definitely find some parallels between the three projects. 

As we want to practice what we teach, we have purchased land along Mchinji Road Lilongwe, where we plant local seeds and test different kinds of natural pesticides and biofertilizers. 

                                                        Our SCOPE Malawi staff planting cocoyam right next to the organic rice at our demo plot.